Single Lot Subdivisions

Single Lot

Single lot subdivisions are most common amongst families and home owners.

They are often opportunities that the client has had sitting in the rear of the property and they have always wondered what they could do.

In principle, they are excited by the prospect of the available equity they are sitting on and the seemingly simple process to achieve this.

Have looked into it, it seems straight forward enough, but, wisdom sits on the shoulder saying, "if it were that easy everyone would do it" and on the other shoulder sits "come on, fortune favours the bold and he who dares wins".

Further to this negotiation are the war stories, both the victors and losers. The ones who tell of incredibly cheap subdivisions that struck gold and fortune, and those that were struck by crooks and complete and utter misfortune and everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

The above scenarios are all true and you may have recollection of instances to add. I can tell you, that small subdivisions are often the trickiest. They almost always have all the issues and challenges you may have on a 20 or 30 lot project as well, with the tightest of sites and dealing with smaller returns.

You may have issues with neighbour approvals, steep topography, retaining walls, infrastructure running wild through the site, geotechnical issues within ground, flood plains and catchment areas, overland flows paths and any list of environmental factors.

These are all the things that begin to overwhelm and turn a gold mine into a nightmare, its true, then throw in a contractor who doesn’t know any better or is giving it a whirl and before you know it, you have disaster.

That said, that is why you should not attempt to manage the process with no or limited experience on your own. It is why you should implore the wisdom that has stopped you thus far , because if it is to good to be true it probably is. You wont likely quadruple your investment on a single or double lot, not unless you have a perfect conditioned site and all the luck in the world, and lets face it, here in Auckland these are getting fewer and farther apart.

You will very likely make a return on investment that contributes to a better financial position because you do likely have that ever so sort resource sitting in your back yard, but, you must invest time and money, step by step to get to a place that has calculated as much risk as possible before you leap. Only then will you start to know, is it a gold mine, is it a great opportunity, or is it a lemon.

Here at Cashmore Contractors we can help you and guide you, give you the award winning expertise, the skill and knowledge that has come with years of work and sacrifice along with the complete package.

Multi Residential Subdivisions

Multi residential Subdivision projects require a full range of expertise from within the construction industry; An in-depth knowledge, and the ability to deal with consenting and local authority issues alongside the practical execution of the works.

We will define your goals, manage your project and deliver a finished product we can all be proud of.

We have the award winning and proven expertise to turn your bare land into title, carry out the administration and practical works, whilst keeping in the forefront of our minds the requirements of your future dwellings or dream home.

Explore here our craftsmanship and skills to get an insight into the standard we offer in preparation to discuss your project further.


Cashmore Contractors Ltd own and operate their own heavy machinery. This means the company whom is developing your whole site is not needing to place margins on sub contractors to complete what is at times a very expensive part to the trade, earthworks. It means efficiencies on site financially and practically. Control and execution to the award winning standard and a vast knowledge of the site from the first cut to the very last nail.


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