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Cashmore Contractors Ltd was proudly established as a limited liability company in October 2013 after grafting as a sole trader for some period prior.

It was with a $400.00 Citroen, filling the gas tank with petrol out of a water blaster container, completing jobs for well under the minimum wage, counting the baked beans from the tin and separating them into meals, that the business developed it's core values. Values that are best and only taught through experience. I routinely priced jobs for what was thought to be a fair and reasonable price, only to find out working in a fast food chain would have returned a higher wage. I would make mistakes, but at all costs fix them. Lessons such as these repeated themselves one way or another for a relatively painful period of time.

With a little luck and a lot of hard work, goals set, reputation created, finishing the job no matter the cost, and always ensuring that walking away from the exchange between client and my company were two parties better for the transaction and willing to recommend and do it again. From this, Cashmore Contractors Ltd was born.

To date, we have not had a need to advertise, and today we stand as a business conducting itself in a manner and completing projects I would have never imagined possible when driving my $400.00 Citroen struggling to eat, but determined to make it a success!

Today, we perform the construction of new homes, multi residential and design/builds, civil Infrastructure for sub divisions and manage all duties regarding local authorities, consent application and sign off processes.

Cashmore Contractors has had the good fortune to receive advice from practiced business persons and really seen and experienced first hand the character building and core lessons all New Zealand ground up built business do. It is with this in mind, that quality, client satisfaction, timely production and reputation are the forefront of my business values. After many years we can stand up and proudly call ourselves an established business and compete at the forefront of the industry.

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